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Maluni aims to create neuroaesthetic visual art with contemplative experiences beyond.She creates through either acoustic modules or glass in layers, with exclusive materials and technology with the latest in sustainable eco friendly materials.Targeted public spaces, visual concepts, interior design, architecture, health care, branding, for exterior, interior and hygiene demand or wet spaces. Two galleries below.

Limited space here in below galleries. Please contact me for more info or more sampels of works.
Some pictures are montage due to the light reflections of the glass in some photos.

Phone: +46(0)707554036
Mail: maluni(at)



More on Maluni acoustic arts here


All sold - only commissioned art.

Neuroaestethic art for experiences beyond.

“Her art form is unique in its design – and took several years to develope – the techniques and the material she uses creates symphonies of experiences beyond the real. A personal art form that is often described as an immersive and living experience – a magical, contemplative journey of mind or a vision for the soul.

Maluni’s has a range of uses, exterior and interior, with exclusive formats, delicate and detailed. Only the imagination sets limits. 

Maluni Acoustic art: Maluni’s acoustic art is a new art form that can be described as a multidimensional wave of abstract movement that flows into various high-quality sound-absorbing modules in sculptural installations. Health-promoting experiences beyond. 

Maluni Glass art: These resistant art glasses are of the highest quality, tempered fireproof speciality glass. There is at least five layers of mixed techniques and mixed media on the glass. With the last layers gilded and lacquered – they can withstand water and are UV-protective in themselves. The gilding in the last layers means that they also act as light reflectors and become vivid in their form, and visual metamorphosis at different angles and lights.It creates a rare depth – vivid expression and a loving space – with less need for light setting to illuminate.”

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Maluni has her showroom at the World Trade Center Stockholm.
She has had large separate exhibitions every other year at the Waterfront Congress Building, the World Trade Center and the gallery at Gothia Towers, and more. She has deliberately chosen to exhibit in the rooms and environments that match the formats and materials she works with.


Maluni is a neuroaestethic artist and designer specialized in color science, colors psychology and visual communication.


“Unique neuroaesthetic art with new and sustainable uses!”
– Emily Wade – Landscape Architect LAR / MSA
“Maluni’s art technique on glass is unique, beautiful and durable!”
– Michael Thydell – Architect and BIM strategist.
“Alecta wanted to create a new impression in our entrance where there has been a waterfall since the late 80’s. We got a proposal to meet artist Maluni who at this time had a fantastic exhibition in the Waterfront Building. We thought her art could Maluni was commissioned to carry out the art project on the three-dimensional surface and wall staircase where we then had the waterfall. After an incredible thinking and sketching, Maluni managed to create a three-dimensional glass artwork, installation and lighting was done by Nordic Green Design in consultation with Maluni.The artwork was inaugurated in the property in very festive forms with our tenants, invited guests and press. We and our tenants are very pleased with the glass art Maluni has created in the World Trade Center Stockholm. ” 
– Håkan Ledin – Manager World Trade Center Stockholm.
 “Maluni’s art is captivating and timeless. At Acoustics Print, we see great opportunities for Maluni’s art to be used in a public environment, such as health, school and office environments. Maluni’s acoustic art creates beautiful quiet environments where people feel comfortable and develop” – Anders Wackfelt – Acoustic Printing – partner in the project Gothia Towers
“Maluni is delighfull to collaborate with, where her creativity and curiosity awaken new insights and innovativeness. Her art feels innovative, energizing and unique as the undulating stretches across the surfaces. , alive, something entirely new that must be experienced. “– Jonas Almén – Aquarium Leasing

“Maluni with her art glass is the perfect partner for us. With our sister companies’ broad expertise, her art on glass can be used in all areas and interior design projects we work on, which increases creativity, opportunities, experience, exclusivity and feeling, with a splash of magic.”  – Gunilla Floberg,  Interior designer Nordic Green Design

“At a presentation of Maluni’s incredibly beautiful art, I fell in love with what it could add to our beautiful quality furniture in the shop at Ekerö Furniture. I immediately got fantastic feedback from my customers who could see a whole to their surfaces that would be decorated. It contributed Ekerö furniture also works with various interior design projects, where Maluni’s tailor-made art opens completely new doors and gives us a good addition at the box office. ” – Thomas Pettersson, interior designer and co-owner of Ekerö Furniture 


Current exhibition at Gothia Towers 3rd - 30th of October
MALUNI at World Trade Center Stockholm
Jewel aquarium at The Gallery Gothia Tower
Close up on artwork - Flourish - at Gallery Gothia Tower

“I strive for my art to be an eye opening experience and a strong reminder of the magical preciousness of our metaphysical universe.

I think art is the most powerful tool to open our minds when we lost the sight on the everyday magic we walk within.

Art and creativity is my oxygen, my addiction and my religion as I believe in art as a mind changer and heart opener.

In my work on tempered glass I explore the combinations of the figurative and figuration, the organic and the abstract, to express those metaphysical and spiritual ideas, flows, expressions and myths I walkabout within. “

– Maluni

Hur beställer jag konst? / How do I order art?

Outside Sweden, please contact me.

Planering och skiss

Det första vi gör är att ha ett samtal om vad som önskas. Jag vill gärna se platsen, omgivningen, och få inspiration från kunden vad den önskar för gestaltning, upplevelse, känsla färger och format.  Här vill jag få in så mycket tankar som möjligt om vad som förväntas och i vilket sammanhang konstverket skall verka, materialval och övrigt. Vidare kostnadsestimerar jag utifrån de uppgifter jag fått och tar fram en offert. 

Godkännande och utförande

När offerten är godkänd, så beställer jag materialet och börjar jag sätta mig in i arbetet och skissar. Vid godkänd skiss så börjar mitt arbete. Leveranstid beroende på materialval och storlek mm. 


När konstverket är färdigt tillkommer leverans, beslag och uppsättning. Vem som ska tillhandahålla det är upp till kunden.



I'm always looking forward my next art adventure!
Please contact me for a free consultation.
Mail: maluni (at) Phone: +46(0)707554036

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